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  • lördag, april 07, 2007

    The Electric Pop Group completes the line-up!

    I'm glad to announce that Gothenburg's own janglers, THE ELECTRIC POP GROUP, will be the third band on the bill April the 28th!
    Given the perfection of the songs that this band aims at (and not seldom reach), it's obvious that they've been inspired by the likes of Jesus & Mary Chain and The Field Mice. But then again, there's something there that's definitely their own. There's a sweetness to the songs that Erik, Martin and Linnéa put together, now also with the help of Jimmi and Gustaf.
    It seems logical that TEPG have shared stages with Sambassadeur and Tillmans, and it seems equally logical that the word about their self-released debut album has reached abroad. In June, TEPG will play at the Indie Tracks festival in Ripley, England. A festival that I'm intruiged to visit myself. The only thing that's not great about this is how tricky it will be to decide who will play first and last... I have to say this is an excellent way to complete the line-up for the return of Cosy Den!

    Listen for yourself:

    She's playing with your heart
    Walk away
    Why can't you?

    Some of the nice things written by nice people about The Electric Pop Group:

    "I just discovered this band called The Electric Pop Group. They might be the best new thing I’ve heard this year. It’s December already, so that was about time. I must be a bit of a Johnny-come-lately as at least one, two, three, four others have been writing about them, but whatever. This is just brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Think Field Mice, think Brighter, think any random Sarah band." / Think Small

    The haunting adolescent lyrics are pretty well in the foreground and deservedly so. They make me seventeen again, and it's all darn catchy, cute and melancholic. / Indie mp3

    "The Electric Pop Group seem to be some miraculous millenium reincarnation of The Field Mice" / Skatterbrain

    "The LP is strong from start to finish with no filler and that's such a tough thing to do -
    to make an LP that consistently hits the high spots and make no mistake. The Electric Pop Group have made that LP." / Lostmusic

    ...and the updated flyer:

    tisdag, april 03, 2007

    After-School Sports will play on the 28th! + more

    The second addition to the line-up is AFTER-SCHOOL SPORTS!
    After-School Sports is the lovely solo project of Alice Luther Näsholm, 17, from Stockholm. Her music could be described as lo-fi and twee pop sounding. Some of her influences include Trixie's Big Red Motorbike and Lily Allen... Alice used to be a member of the brilliantly named The Never Invited To Parties, who are sadly no longer together. Listen to the After-School Sports songs. They're great. And Alice has got one of the finest voices in Swedish pop at the moment.

    Thanks to Carol for helping out and to Nils for the tip!

    Here's the direct link to Johan's first song!

    And here's yet another great flyer from Christian:

    As if this wasn't enough - here are some photos from the I'm From Bräkne-Hoby! festival last summer that I hadn't seen before! It's Lucio from the great Italian Polariod Blog who've taken them. I particularly love this one with parts of the crowd. Thank you (artists, visitors, crew) so much again for being there on one of the best days of my life!

    Another note. The following distro items are now sold out:

    Ultrasport - False start city
    Cats on Fire - Happiness is chemistry
    Penny Century - Lost at sea EP
    Penny Century - This is not my song anymore

    måndag, april 02, 2007

    This week's picks

    I'm happy to have completed two thirds of the line-up for the 28th! It's going to be a fantastic night.
    However, I'm pretty fed up with my own superlatives, so I'm going to ask someone else to write this time. Stay tuned! The second part of the line-up will be released in about 10 hours.

    The computer is broke. I've got to run it in safe mode and that means no sound... so if you'd like me to hear the music you make, uploaded mp3's are a much better way than links to streamed songs! Meanwhile, here's what's in the mp3 player for this week:

    After-School Sports - various songs
    Agent Simple - Shaking an egg 7"
    Anorak Girl - Cybersex 7"
    Black Box Recorder - England made me
    Brilliant Corners - Growing up absurd
    Brilliant Corners - What's in a word?
    Butcher Boy - Profit in your poetry
    Cats On Fire - The province complains
    Don Lennon - Radical
    Electric Pop Group - S/T
    Johan Hedberg Goalie Store - various songs
    McCarthy - At war EP
    Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine 7"
    St Christopher - Say yes to everything 7"
    Strawberry Story - Clamming for it
    They Go Boom!! - Demos 88-91
    Ungdumshälsan - 8 anledningar att hata ett band
    White Town - First seven inch