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  • fredag, november 24, 2006

    Song list from Svanen

    Thanks to Erik for inviting me, I had a good time!
    Here's what I played:

    The Fine Arts Showcase - Chemical girl (new gaze early demo)
    Rialto - Untouchable
    The Ladybug Transistor - The places you'll call home
    Bear Quartet - Tibet
    The Triffids - Stand up
    The French - Wu-Tang Clan
    Rock Stone - Sarah's records
    The Field Mice - When morning comes to town
    Cats On Fire - My friend in a comfortable chair
    Mattias Alkberg BD - Nere på parkeringen
    Tant Strul - Dunkar varmt
    The Lemonheads - Big gay heart
    The Sundays - A certain someone
    Matador José - Something I can't find
    Heavenly - So little deserve
    Saint Etienne - Sylvie
    Still Flyin' - M'stery tent
    Ann-Christine Bärnsten - Ska vi plocka körsbär i min trädgård?
    The Honeydrips - Åh, Karolin
    Lily Allen - The littlest things
    Pipas - Barbapapa
    The Cat's Miaow - Hollow inside (version 2)
    White Town - Whenever I say hello
    Desireless - Voyage voyage
    Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Scattered pearls
    The Field Mice - If you need someone
    The Siddeleys - You get what you deserve
    Spearmint - Left alone among the living
    Fosca - I've agreed to something I shouldn't have
    Scaredycat - Anna bananas
    Helmut Kool - Så ung, så smutsig
    Japan Air - Hate to take in
    Annedal - Ulla Skoog
    Orange Juice - Rip it up
    Stars - When? (demo)
    The Chesterfields - Lunchtime for the wild youth
    My Favorite - Badge

    (Almedal live)

    Franke - Drunknandets färg
    The Field Mice - Sensitive
    Belle & Sebastian - Seeing other people
    The Bridal Shop - From seas (demo)
    The Magnetic Fields - I don't want to get over you
    Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
    The Moldy Peaches - Steak for chicken
    Jazz Butcher - Bad dream lover
    The Tidy Ups - Dizzy heights
    The Mare - Jim Blues, Mary Lame and me
    Paddington Distortion Combo - Oh no/oh yes
    Dreams End - Death disco
    Most Valuable Players - Stockholm doesn't belong to me
    James - Laid
    Honeymoons - 15 seconds
    Go-Kart Mozart - Elephant trunk
    Bear Quartet - Same spell on everyone
    Cats On Fire - Honey your baby
    They Go Boom!! - Island nation
    The Magnetic Fields - I'm sorry I love you
    Pet Shop Boys - Left to my own devices
    White Town - I was Trotsky's nun
    Belle & Sebastian - Me and the major
    Rough Bunnies - What a world
    The Siddeleys - Sunshine thuggery
    Strawberry Story - Gone like summer
    Free Loan Investments - Kick his balls out
    Saturday Looks Good To Me - Meet me by the water
    The Divine Comedy - National Express
    Man From Delmonte - My love is like a gift you can't return
    Laurel Music - No one wants forever #1
    Lloyd Cole - Impossible girl
    The Auteurs - New French girlfriend
    Days - Never came to last
    Stars - Heart
    bob hund - Det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte hittar hem men det gör jag, tror jag

    torsdag, november 23, 2006

    Varberg video clips and pictures!

    Mattias Björkas and some funky Varberg rythms

    Mattias Björkas and more funky Varberg rythms

    Mattias opening with "Astray" from the Cats On Fire full-length album

    Mattias doing cover versions of Leevi & The Leavings songs for encores, here's the end of "Amalia" and the beginning of "Matkamuistoja"

    "Matkamuistoja", continued

    Unfortunately, the camera batteries died, so no Pipas clips... but here's a dark one from Saturday instead, a clip from "Bitter club".

    The stageMattias
    And again, a bit less fuzzy
    At the start, Mark had some rather amusing problems seeing the dots on his guitar, butit worked out
    Mark getting his synth ready for "Bitter club"

    onsdag, november 22, 2006


    A lot of things going on right now...
    Tomorrow, I'll DJ at Jazzhuset. Would be fun if you showed up!
    And later tonight, there will be some pictures and video clips from Varberg posted here!

    måndag, november 20, 2006

    Pipas + Mattias Björkas in Varberg tomorrow!

    Yeah, thanks to Nina and Larry, there will be a Pipas show in Varberg tomorrow!
    Mattias Björkas from Cats On Fire will also play! He's never played on his own before, so it'll be exciting.

    Rough Bunnies, Bare Knees and G.O.O.F. to play at Cosy Den!

    I've got fantastic news for you!

    I just got the sms which said the coast is clear. The Thursday right before Christmas, there will be a great party at Underjorden. At least three great concerts, perhaps more. I feel like arranging a couple of nights at a smaller scale, and what could be better than the foyer? Since it's pretty small, the pre-booking system will be used.

    For those of you who've just joined us, this means you send an e-mail to me at popen_maste_do@hotmail.com, with your name and your social security number. You can send the name of a friend if you want, but not two. I'll reply to confirm that I've recieved your booking. And then you just show up at the entrance, tell us your name, and that's all! I'll keep you updated about the number of places left, at the top of this page.

    For the 21st, one houndred people will have the opportunity to come. So hurry up and e-mail me if you want to be one of them!

    And the artists are...


    Oh, what to say? The Rough Bunnies are related to so many of my favourite acts. Lesbo Pig, All Of My Brother's Girlfriends, The Flame, Inside Riot, Euer Bester Sommer... Anna and Frida write the loveliest songs, sometimes with a twist of desperation and sadness, or even happiness. But always with hope and strength. I'm really excited about this, finally it's happening! Rough Bunnies at Cosy Den!

    Rough Bunnes - Poppy eye

    Rough Bunnies - Balz came and went (live)

    Download the "Rough Bunnies go pirate" album!

    01. What a world
    02. Love & hate
    03. Balz came and went
    04. Poppy eye
    05. Dance with your shadow
    06. See how I smile?
    07. When we were kids
    08. Modern love
    09. World of love

    album cover

    Rough Bunnies - I spy on your heart

    More about Rough Bunnies:

    The Rough Bunnies myspace page
    Interview by Jonas Wååg, from Le Manchester magazine
    Session from Digfi
    Lousy review of the Emmaboda 2005 gig, from Oskarshamns-Barometern
    Gustav Kjellvander: "Rough Bunnies are the best band in Sweden, if not the best band in the world"
    Rough Bunnies at Indie MP3
    Rough Bunnies concert @ Phoning It In
    Stockholm Pride on the Rough Bunnies
    About, in Spanish


    Bare Knees are fantastic. Kathrin and Kasper proved that at the I'm From Bräkne-Hoby festival this summer, and they'll charm everyone again, this time at Cosy Den. Kazoo is a great. And so are the songs. Have a listen to the sweetest lo-fi hits yourself!

    Bare Knees - Do what I want to do (live clip from Bräkne-Hoby)

    Download the "Pump up the lump" album!

    01. Do what I want to do
    02. Always on your side
    03. Sex and communism
    04. Brighton slash Bristol
    05. Kanadia
    06. People like us
    07. Fidelity
    08. Bob and Jim
    09. All that she wants

    More about Bare Knees:

    The Bare Knees myspace page
    Bare Knees concert @ Phoning It In
    Bare Knees at Indiepedia.org
    About, in Italian
    About, in Japanese


    You might know Gottfrid from The Budgies. Maybe you saw him play at the I'm From Bräkne-Hoby breakfast punk. Or at Café Publik this summer. G.O.O.F. is all about great songs, sometimes heavily influenced by Vaselines or Boyracer. Trashtwee might be the right word here, crank it up to the gigawatts!

    Download "The drowning love EP"!

    01. Looking the other way
    02. I killed the romance
    03. So nostalgic
    04. I dunno U, U dunno me
    05. Sunday
    06. Drowning love
    07. Meet me where the rosehips grow

    More about G.O.O.F.:

    The G.O.O.F. myspace page
    G.O.O.F. at indiepedia.org

    söndag, november 19, 2006


    Yesterday was great!
    A special thanks to the bands for being so helpful and cool about the mess that occured after I discovered that all of the sound equipment was hidden very carefully in a dark room...
    And I'd also like to thank Johan, Siri, Åsa, Tove, Ola, Emil, Johannes, Mattias B, Jon, Madelene, Agnes and everyone else who helped making it work.

    For those of you who can read Swedish - Jerry Boman's review of the night is right here.


    And here are some photos from the night, Åsa took these. Click to enlarge.


    Bromander and parts of the crowd

    The bar


    Red light, dark room

    Parts of the Happy Birthdays

    Sitting on a high chair


    Mark, Lupe and the front row