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  • DJ set and records for sale at INDIEGRANSKAUEN! Live: Je Suis Animal (NO/UK) + The Megaphonic Thrift (NO) + The April Skies (NO) + TBA in Bergen, Norway - Saturday the 26th of April, details coming soon!
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  • lördag, mars 17, 2007

    Distro update!

    Here is an update of the distro range available at Cosy Den events!

    Annemarie - The living model EP
    cdr ep, 30 kr
    1.The living model 2.Won't be nice 3.Apple (Suicide on your stereo set) 4.Wonderboy
    Music Is My Girlfriend, 2005

    Avgång 77 - Handbok för rättshaverister
    cdr ep, 20 kr
    1.Arbetsskygg 2.Ge mig en present 3.Rör på häcken 4.BD punk 5.Rebellflickan
    Self-released, 2007

    Livets Ord #5
    fanzine, 20 kr

    60 pages of comics by Henrik Bromander! Guest appearances by Simon Gärdenfors, Sandro Müntzing and Karin Hagen
    Self-released, 2003

    Cats On Fire - Happiness is chemistry
    7", 40 kr
    A1.My friend in a comfortable chair A2.Happiness is chemistry B1.They produced a girl (demo) B2.Stars (demo)
    Elva, 2004

    Hospitalet - SFH2
    cdr ep, 20 kr
    1.Åh nej, åh nej 2.Du var inte där, men jag var där 3.Har du varit på hospitalet 4.Ingenting allting
    SFH, 2004

    Kattmusik - Kudaranai
    cdr ep, 20 kr
    1.Love broken down 2.Tonight 3.The words of Roddy Frame 4.A stroll down Kuromegawa 5. Haus broken down
    Self-released, 2006

    Las Palmas - Vi blir i familjen
    gatefold cd ep, 30 kr
    1.Intro 2.Partybroms 3.Män på gränsen till nervsammanbrott 4.Argentina 5.Ut ur mitt liv 6.Du har mail
    Edenborg, 2006

    Penny Century - This is not my song anymore
    cdr single, 20 kr
    1.This is not my song anymore 2.Tangled up in my sheets 3.Too bitter to be charming
    Self-released, 2006

    Penny Century - Lost at sea EP
    cdr ep, 20 kr
    1.Lost at sea 2.Summer outside 3.Graduation 4.Season of mist 5.This is not my song anymore
    Self-released, 2006

    Robotnícka - Spectre en vue...
    cd album, 60 kr
    1.Bidip-bip? Dip-bidip! 2.Hatzanasumi 3.L'espoir 4.L'avion 5.Last ninja II: Central Park 6.010000101011101 7.Banana 8.Double dragon IV: Axes of evil 9.Highway to Costa del Sol! 10.Relief (doomed to a violent mummyfication) 11.Discowgirlz (il etait une fois dans l'est) 12.Frisco Derrick wunderstaches (uber bier kommissar) 13.Object liberation go!
    Bloodlink, 2004

    Sibiria - Norrlands inland
    cd album, 70 kr
    1.Vårsplitter 2.Kastalskolan 9E 3.Christian Olsson 4.Omtagning 5.Laaksonen, laaksonen 6.(Jag kunde ha varit) Vem som helst 7.Hat tillbaks 8.Men i tusen år 9.Ring mig när du är full 10.Som ditt husdjur 11.Utnyttjad och konsumerad
    Hybris, 2005

    Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - #2
    cdep, 30 kr
    1.Funeral face 2.Teenage poetry 3.Guns n' ammo 4.Jullåten 2004
    Labrador, 2005

    Ultrasport - Nothing can go wrong
    cd, 80 kr
    1.Nothing can go wrong 2.Fire on the streets 3.Kissing summers 4.Behind the playground 5.You are evil 6.It's hard to look dignified when people sit on you 7.The boy that never lied 8.Ballgames 9.Sharing secrets 10.Much of your heart
    Gashopper, 2005

    Ultrasport - False start city/Tired of the lovers
    cdr single, 10 kr
    A.False start city AA.Tired of the lovers
    Self-released, 2006

    White Town - A new surprise EP
    7", 40 kr
    A1.A new surprise A2.Melissa Joan Hart B1.Make a right at Jordfallsmotet B2.Theme from a post-watershed cop show set in Wellingborough
    Heavenly Pop Hits, 2006

    White Town (EP cover)
    pin, 5 kr

    Woelv - Gris (edition scandinave)
    cd ep, 40 kr
    1.La cordillere des hommes 2."Pour Vancouver et ailleurs" 3."Gris" 4.Le ventre de sa mere
    Elv, 2006

    I also sell some things not related to the club, just because I think they deserved better than being hidden away at some record store for another couple of years...
    Hopefully someone will want to give them a new loving home.

    Babybird - Ugly beautiful

    cd album, 20 kr
    1.Goodnight 2.Candy girl 3.Jesus is my girlfriend 4.I didn't want to wake you up 5.Dead bird sings 6.Atomic soda 7.You're gorgeous 8.Bad shave 2 9.Cornershop 10.King bing 11.You & me 12.45 & fat 13.Too handsome to be homeless 14.July 15.Baby bird
    Echo, 1996

    Babybird - You're gorgeous
    cd single, 10 kr
    1.You're gorgeous 2.Bébé lemonade 3.You're gorgeous too 4.Carcrash
    Echo, 1996

    Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - The only living boy in New Cross
    cd single, 10 kr
    1.The only living boy in New Cross 2.Watching the big apple turn over 3.Panic
    Chrysalis, 1992

    Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - 1992: the love album
    cd album, 20 kr
    1.1993 2.Is wrestling fixed? 3.The only living boy in New Cross 4.Suppose you gave a funeral and nobody came 5.England 6.Do re me, so far so good 7.Look mum, no hands! 8.While you were out 9.Skywest and crooked 10.The impossible dream
    Chrysalis, 1992

    Ettnollett #33, 2000
    , 5 kr
    Arab Strap, Labradford, Robyn Hitchcock, Lola Barbershop, EP's Trailer Park, Hep Stars...

    Ettnollett #40, 2003
    anzine, 5 kr
    Saint Etienne, Logh, Granada, Carpet People, Christian Kjellvander, Constellation Records...

    Hardy Nilsson - Ta mig med våld
    cd single, 5 kr
    1.Ta mig med våld 2.Hjärtattack och vin
    Universal, 1997

    Hardy Nilsson - Faller tillbaks
    cd single, 5 kr
    1.Faller tillbaks 2.O wow
    MCA, 1996

    Him Kerosene - Whatever gets you by EP
    gatefold cd ep, 20 kr
    1.Whatever gets you by 2.Duckfeet 3.Sordid 4.I got the door
    Telegram, 1997

    Park Hotell - Girls just wanna die tonight
    single, 10 kr
    1.Girls 2.Hearts
    mRa, 2003

    söndag, mars 11, 2007

    Days release party postponed - debut gig for Johan H on April the 28th!

    I'm a bit confused myself, so I understand if you're confused, too. The main points are:

    * The Days EP release has been postponed. The release party is NOT cancelled in any way, a new date for it will be presented as soon as the band gets a new release date from Shelflife!
    * April the 28th is STILL the date for the next Cosy Den night!

    On Saturday the 28th of April, this is what happens:

    A couple of weeks ago, Johan Hedberg, the lead singer of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, sent me a new song with lyrics in Swedish. It doesn't have a title, and Johan doesn't really have a name for the project either. Despite this, "nygubbe4.mp3" with its spot-on lyrics about the Stockholm night life, has already recieved airplay at the brilliant radio show Tandem Pop and everyone who hears it seem to be as excited as I am! Two other top Haninge profiles will join Johan on stage at Cosy Den.
    Tomorrow, Johan is going on holiday for two weeks. He is bringing his ukulele, and the chances for more great tunes soon seem good! Until then - listen to his first recording here (it's not entirely finished yet)! Home recordings from Haninge are vicious and you know it!

    Not only will we get Johan's first show on this night.
    There will also be two other great acts performing - they will be announced in the next couple of weeks!

    The pre-booking for this club night opens in two days - on Wednesday the 14th. The entrance will probably be 50 kronor. It may be lowered or raised with a maximum of 20 kronor though.

    Here's how to do it:
    Send your full name and social security number to popen_maste_do@hotmail.com - you will be contacted with further information. Payment of tickets is done in the entrance.

    Please check back soon for more information about the Days release party and other artists performing on the 28th of April!