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  • DJ set and records for sale at INDIEGRANSKAUEN! Live: Je Suis Animal (NO/UK) + The Megaphonic Thrift (NO) + The April Skies (NO) + TBA in Bergen, Norway - Saturday the 26th of April, details coming soon!
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  • torsdag, oktober 05, 2006

    New item in the distro: new EP from Penny Century!

    The lovely Penny Century, from the North or the middle of Sweden (depending on what perspective you've got) have released a fine new EP called "Lost at sea". You get four tracks for just 40 kronor, and you can buy it tonight at Cosy Den!

    And, same thing as last time - don't stay at home if you're broke. If there's place, you'll get in anyway. But please pay if you're not broke. That's all, I guess. See you tonight, it's going to be awesome!

    tisdag, oktober 03, 2006

    The Faintest Ideas play Cosy Den this Thursday!

    Yeah, it's all true!
    The fantastic band formerly known as The Javelins will be sharing the Underjorden stage with Ultrasport this Thursday!
    Among the influenses they mention on the myspace page, you'll find The Bright Lights, Talulah Gosh, Shop Assistants, Bikini Kill, The Fall and Dear Nora. And you won't only find those bands on black and white, it's enough to listen to the songs. But The Faintest Ideas definitely have a trashy, jangly thing of their own. Have a listen:

    When I was 7
    I was raised as a polar bear
    Dexter's got a sinister heart
    Nosebleeders on the track
    You're beautiful (this one's also been covered by the not completely unknown band named Boyracer - check out their version here!)
    Nothing will ever happen
    My best friend

    The Faintest Ideas website

    The Faintest Ideas on myspace

    söndag, oktober 01, 2006

    CFTPA video clips from Cosy Den/Koloni!

    While waiting for the glories of the next few weeks, we can once again look back at what happened last time.
    Christian did some work with the camera, and here's the result in the form of some live clips from the Casiotone For The Painfully Alone concert!

    "Holly Hobby" (well, actually, "Hobby Bobby") and "Love connection"

    "New year's kiss" and "Cold white Christmas" featuring The Dead Science

    Thanks again everyone for coming out. It was really a night to remember, and I was glad to see so many people as eager as me to finally see CFTPA live!