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  • lördag, november 24, 2007

    Elenette - the best a man can get...

    ...says Jyoti. Click here!

    Oh, and here's the sleeve for the Autenticitet EP! Well done, Karin! Click to enlarge.

    fredag, november 23, 2007

    Les Yper Sound's flyer!

    Simple as that. Looking good!

    torsdag, november 22, 2007

    White Town will also play at Landet!

    Fantastic news!

    White Town from Derby, England will come back to Stockholm once again! One could say that Jyoti Mishra is a Cosy Den veteran by now. You all know his huge hit, "Your woman". I bought the album around 1997, when it came out. And eight years later, I read an interview with Jyoti in the fanzine En Garde. I sent him an e-mail, and... er, the rest is history. Even though he hadn't played live in a decade. White Town has played at Cosy Den arrangements three times, and has also visited Varberg and Turku for gigs and other types of fun. Since the first 7" single in 1990, download it here by the way!, White Town has released four full-length albums and a couple of singles. 2006 saw the release of the beautiful album "Don't mention the war". White Town has also contributed with a cover version of Felt's "Bitter end" for the "A tribute to Felt" album on Elephant. I'm very excited to have Jyoti and Gaz (original member from back when White Town was a trio) over again and I can't wait to take them to Skansen with a thermos of Swedish blueberry soup! But first of all, there's the gig at Landet! Yay!

    White Town's official website
    Jyoti Mishra's blog

    And here are a couple of videos for you:

    "White town" (1989)

    "Undressed" (1997)

    "Your woman" (1997)

    "Make the world go away" (2006)

    "White town" (live clip from Gothenburg, 2006)

    "Theme for a BBC Natural Historhy series presented by Richard Dawkins" (2006)

    tisdag, november 20, 2007

    Erik Halldén at Landet! Monday the 3rd of December!

    I've had this date preliminarily booked for quite a while and a lot of work to do with the Elenette release(es), so I haven't been sure if I'd keep it or not. Now that Erik logged on to the msn and turned out to be keen to play, it really wasn't an option to let it go anymore!

    I don't really know what to write about Erik Halldén. If I did, this text would probably be pretty similar to the one I wrote about Paddington DC. Love at first listen, really. There's such a distinct feeling of intimacy, heart-on-sleeve, fragility and warmth around his songs. I could go on and on, but listen for yourselves instead.

    Erik hasn't played live for the last year or so. Now he will. And, we can expect something new as well.

    You can listen to four songs on Erik's myspage. Even though they're a bit old now, you really should.
    Here are six songs, too, linked from his website:

    Saltsjö Duvnäs 01
    Do the right thing
    Skyscrapers and tall buildings
    The jungle
    Choosing postcards in the louvre
    When my broken heart was modern art

    Another link: review of "When my broken heart was modern art" from Common Paper
    And another one: review of Erik's concert at Parklife from Musik enligt Jerry

    The Cosy Den last fm shoutbox crew will spin some records! We can look forward to post punk, twee and disco from the speakers!

    The entrance will be between 20 kr and 50 kr. If 50 kr, there'll be something more on the bill as well.

    Finally, I can't help posting this joyful clip from Bräkne-Hoby again: