• Cosy Den presents: FOSCA (UK) + FRIDAY BRIDGE with DJs Ville (Cats on Fire) + TBA at Landet, LM Ericssons väg 27, Stockholm - Wednesday the 26th of March, 19-00, 80 kr and 18 yrs
  • DJ set and records for sale at INDIEGRANSKAUEN! Live: Je Suis Animal (NO/UK) + The Megaphonic Thrift (NO) + The April Skies (NO) + TBA in Bergen, Norway - Saturday the 26th of April, details coming soon!
  • Cosy Recordings (Karin + Mattias) dj set and records for sale at KLUBB POPULÄR! Live: Elenette + Palpitation at Storan, Kungsparken 1, Gothenburg - Saturday the 17th of May, 22-03, X0 kr and 20 yrs
  • DJ set and records for sale at HIT THE NORTH! Live: Elenette + TBA in Hamburg, Germany - Friday the 4th of July, details coming soon!
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  • lördag, februari 23, 2008

    Canarie song list

    Here's my song list from the Canarie night at Debaser Malmö!

    Fosca - We see the world as our stunt doubles
    Morrissey - I don't mind if you forget me
    Park Hotell - Low on resistance
    The Snow Fairies - Firefly
    Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - 1999
    Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Annie, I'm not your daddy!
    Bad Dream Fancy Dress - Flair

    The Bear Quartet - Hawser
    The Bright Lights - You have amazing powers
    Twig - On our bashful knees
    Ray Rumours - Rose + Tim
    Friday Bridge - Love & nostalgia
    Nixon - Summer love song
    Saint Etienne - Pale movie
    Tredje Mannen - Igen
    Elenette - Kärlekskomplexet
    The Postal Service - Clark Gable
    Bonnie Tyler - It's a heartache
    Bart & Friends - How can you tell me you love me?
    Palpitation - Norway! Disappear!
    Pipas - Bitter club
    Cats On Fire - Crooked paper clip
    Fosca - I've agreed to something I should'nt have
    Momus - A complete history of sexual jelaousy parts 17-24
    Johan Hedberg - Var dig själv
    Tant Strul - Då är det inte kärlek
    Teen Anthems - Notting Hill
    Fat Tulips - So unbelievable
    Ratata - Jackie
    Lustans Lakejer - Image fatale
    Chloë - Prekär
    Mount Eiree - Dead of the night
    Go-Betweens - Love goes on!
    The Lemonheads - My drug buddy
    McCarthy - We are all bourgoisie now
    Rough Bunnies - Balz came and went
    Heavenly - Shallow
    Regina - Kohtaamisia kaupungissa

    onsdag, februari 20, 2008

    Goodbye Sthlm, hello Malmö!

    Thanks a lot for last night - it was mad! More on this later.

    Tomorrow, I'll be dj-ing at Canarie Records' night at Debaser in Malmö. Cedarwell, Winter Took His Life, Björn Kleinhenz are playing live! Be there.

    måndag, februari 18, 2008

    Pictures from yesterday!

    Thanks to Söndagscaféet for a great joint night!
    Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the travel expenses!
    Click here for more pictures.

    söndag, februari 17, 2008


    If you like to click links, this post is for you.

    If you'd like to see photos from the last Cosy Den night in Stockholm, with The Mare and Elenette, click here!

    If you read Swedish, here's a rant on Landet's blog.
    If you read Swedish AND want to read a great Elenette interview from ETC, click here!

    If you would like to get even more excited about the co-release of The Garlands with Cloudberry, click here!
    If you like good pop music, I removed all old songs on the Cosy Recordings mysp*ce and replaced them with brand new ones. Welcome in for a listen.