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  • lördag, oktober 14, 2006

    Song list from the dj set in Lund!

    I'm at Martin's place in Lund, having slept far from enough yet another night...
    Yesterday, I was ambitious enough to write down the song titles I played when I was lucky enough to get a dj set at Club Indigo. Thanks for singing "dum de dum dum - dum de dum dum", by the way.
    Here goes:

    Field Mice - I can see myself alone forever
    Nixon - Head full of thoughts
    The Umpteens - Party in September
    Sundays - I kicked a boy
    The Ladybug Transistor - The places you'll call home
    The Hartmans - Wolfgang Alexander Zaugg
    Cinerama - Your charms
    Mattias Alkberg BD - Tidsinställd bomb
    Morrissey - Reader meet author
    Hefner - Love will destroy us in the end
    The Magnetic Fields - I'm sorry that I love you
    Chefs - Records & tea
    Strawberry Story - Gone like summer
    Free Loan Investments - Kick his balls out
    The Budgies - Secret wish
    Dolly Mixture - How come you're such a hit with the boys, Jane?
    Edson - Sunday, lovely Sunday
    The Snow Fairies - Firefly
    Compute - Some days are made for smoking
    Regina - Kohtaamisia kaupungissa
    The Embassy - Make me sad
    My Favorite - Badge
    Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country
    Ballboy - I've got pictures of you in your underwear
    Dorotea - It's going to be me (but I couldn't care less)
    Agent Simple - Make a right at Jordfallsmotet
    The Magnetic Fields - I think I need a new heart
    Tommy Körberg - Judy, min vän
    The Bright Lights - You have amazing powers
    Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Shattered pearls

    (The Honeydrips live)

    (Ring Snuten! dj-ing)

    (Go-Kart Mozart live)

    Moldy Peaches - Who's got the crack
    Klaus Nomi - Just one look
    Belle & Sebastian - Electronic renaissance
    Field Mice - Coach station reunion
    Spearmint - We're going out
    Cats On Fire - My friend in a comfortable chair
    The Smiths - Frankly, Mr Shankly
    The Stone Roses - Made of stone
    Saturday Looks Good To Me - Alcohol
    Fat Tulips - So unbelievable
    Le Tigre - Gone b4 yr home
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang
    Eurosport - Your brother is my only hope

    (Ring Snuten! dj-ing)

    Pulp - Do you remember the first time
    The Chills - Heavenly pop hit
    Field Mice - Sensetive
    Language Of Flowers - Who you're with
    Morrissey - Spring-heeled Jim

    (Ring Snuten! dj-ing)

    Field Mice - Emma's house
    Japan Air - Hate to take in
    Television Personalities - Someone to share my life with

    (only the beautiful final song saves the venue from a near riot initiated by the Gothenburg crew after I refuse to play Håkan Hellström, negotiations with the Indigo crew about playing more songs break down, the crowd enjoy themselves by singing "Shoreline" during ten minutes, negotiations with Indigo uptaken, allowance for one more song finally achieved)

    The Tough Alliance - Make it happen

    fredag, oktober 13, 2006

    Thanks for last night! + mp3 player found

    Hey everyone, thank you so much for showing up last night.
    I was extremely stressed up all day yesterday, but I think I'll look back upon those five shows, the dj-ing, the dancing and the chatting with very fond memories to treasure. A huge extra thank you to BJ of Parts & Labor for speaking a lot of sense and clearing up my mind a bit.
    Photos and a couple of video clips will be up next week, when I'm back from Lund and have had a chance to rest for a bit.
    But tonight, Indigo is definitely the place to be!

    And yeah, we found an mp3 player yesterday. Get in touch with me (and describe it) if it's yours!

    onsdag, oktober 11, 2006

    DJ-ing in Lund on Friday!

    I'm going to spin some of my favourite records at Blekingska Nationen this Friday, together with Ring Snuten!.
    It will be great fun, and it's really an honour to be booked as a DJ for the night when Go-Kart Mozart and The Honeydrips come to the Southern town.
    If you because of the student ID thing have problems getting in at Blekingska, do not hesitate to let me know, I don't think I have a lot of people to put on my share of the guestlist. At least, I can probably create paying guest list spot for you if need help with the entrance.
    See you there, the art & deco people of Skåne!

    tisdag, oktober 10, 2006

    Ring Snuten! joins the line-up! And Dan Friel does solo gig!


    My friends, I just had a great phone conversation. The fantastic Ring Snuten! will play his sweet electronic songs for us this Thursday! And it will be a different set than the last time Patrik visited Gothenburg. Faster, he said. Sounds good, I said.
    On the Ring Snuten! myspace page, you can listen to three great songs. There's more to Ring Snuten! than that. There's the tremendous "Dumsnäll säl", too, amongst others.
    Ring Snuten! never fails to impress. Thursday's show won't be an exception!

    And Koloni just brought us yet another act!
    Dan Friel, a member of Parts & Labor, will not only play with them but also on his own!
    Having shared stages with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Dan does some poppy electro stuff, with "gtr pedals, an '84 yamaha toy keyboard, and occasionally some walkie talkies and remote control car joysticks". Sounds exciting to me!
    Have a listen by clicking above, and have a read at Dan's record label here.
    A review of Dan Friel's "Sunburn" EP can be found here.


    He makes seriously noisy pop music with instruments that most people would consider to be junk. He's the ultimate anti-gearhound, yet he sometimes coaxes glorious noises out of things. This is not for everyone, but if you're into pushing pre-defined limits on hardware, you'll find Friel to be your man.

    Dan Friel - Dead batteries

    måndag, oktober 09, 2006

    Time to book place for Thursday! + some pictures from last time

    Thanks to The Faintest Ideas and Ultrasport for excellent gigs last Thursday!
    And thanks to those who turned up, although I hoped for some more people...
    For those of you who read Swedish, there's a review here.

    But now it's time to look forward, to this Thursday!
    Go-Kart Mozart, Parts & Labor and The Honeydrips will perform. It can't be anything other than a blast, of course. Make sure to secure your place at Underjorden now, by pre-booking!

    Here are a couple of pictures from last Thursday, taken by Jerry Boman: