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  • fredag, oktober 20, 2006

    Pipas play at Cosy Den the 18th of November!

    I'm "quite happy" to annonce that Pipas will come to Gamlestan the next Cosy Den date; Saturday the 18th of November!
    Pipas are Lupe Nuñez-Fernandez and Mark Powell, living in London, although Lupe is originally from Spain. Together they make fantastic pop songs, but I guess you already know they do.
    Maybe you saw them at Emmaboda this summer, where they played both the main festival and the Frukostpop?
    It's far from the first time Mark and Lupe visit Sweden. Back in 2003, I saw them at my favourite club Yoshimitsu, in Gubbängen. But the Gothenburg crowd hasn't seen Pipas since February 2004, when they played at Starke Adolf.
    Now it's time again!

    Tobias from Irene and Laurel Music will also be dj-ing! And there will be one or two more artists performing live!

    If you're not familiar with Pipas, I really envy you as you have a lot to look forward to. Have a listen here:

    Pipas - Tout va bien
    Pipas - What nobody does
    Pipas - Hiding in the park
    Pipas - It's too soon
    Pipas - Riff-raff
    Pipas - Wells Street
    Pipas - Jean C (kräver real player)
    Pipas - Rock and/or roll (sample)

    The Lucksmiths - How to hold a tie (Pipas remix)

    Watch a couple of videos while you're at it:

    "Riff raff"

    "Run run run"

    And on the Pipas myspace page, you can also listen to Bitter club and No suspires mas!

    A couple of reviews in Swedish:

    "Bitter club EP" from Le Manchester (5/5)
    "Chunnel autumnal" from Le Manchester (5/5)
    "Bitter club EP" from Musiklandet
    "Chunnel autumnal" from Common Paper
    "Troublesome" from Revolution #9

    tisdag, oktober 17, 2006

    Pictures from Thursday!

    Ida took these. Thanks!

    Christian, the contemplating bartender

    Ring Snuten!Ring Snuten!, the contemplating crooner

    Go-Kart Mozart with a messy soundcheck

    The ceiling of Underjorden

    The stage right before The Honeydrips played

    And so he did

    The Honeydrips again

    Mattias, the contemplating crooner #2


    Those setlists didn't lay around for long after the gig

    Larry give the audience his evil eye after someone wanted to hear "Middle of the road"

    Mattias enjoying GKM

    A real Rocker in the background

    Austin Powers

    Crooning about...

    Pretty nice one

    Parts of the crowd

    Coming on for the extras

    Ville, Lawrence and Ida...

    ...and again

    Final pic of Lawrence

    söndag, oktober 15, 2006

    A just cause

    To the girl on the bike between who shouted "hey Cosy Den!, thanks for Thursday, it was great!" at me between Vasaplatsen and Valand while me and the other Mattias were on our way home last night:

    If I hadn't been too baffled to actually answer with something better than "er, thanks" and then some mumbling while you'd already biked away. I'd like you to know that thanks to you, I sat on the tram and then fell asleep with a smile on my face, after some of the most physically exhausting 48 hours I've ever had.

    It takes guts to be gentle and kind and some people just can't get their heads around that. Thankfully, others do, and it's the things like this and people like you and BJ that keep me going when these things happen, undoubtedly.