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  • måndag, mars 10, 2008

    COSY011: Little Big Adventure "Saltsjö-Duvnäs" (plus info on The Budgies and The Garlands)

    Cosy Recordings are proud to announce that it will release LITTLE BIG ADVENTURE's song "Saltsjö-Duvnäs" as a single! It is a cover of the fantastic tune by Erik Halldén, and will be backed by another cover version, of Broder Daniel's early classic "Son of St Jacobs".

    The single will be available in 100 copies only, so make sure to order your copy now! The price is 25 SEK plus shipping. Send an e-mail to popen_maste_do (at) hotmail.com and you will recieve payment instructions. Distribution details will be revealed shortly.

    Lisa Persson has made some excellent artwork, and here is what the front cover will look like:

    You can expect to have your first chance to buy this release on the 26th!

    That will probably also be the case with the EP from The Garlands and the album from The Budgies!
    As soon as the fronts for their sleeves are ready, we will show them here, along with a presentation of the bands.