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  • torsdag, maj 24, 2007

    Goodbye, Keith

    Thank you for the songs.

    måndag, maj 21, 2007

    Song list from Les Yper Sound!

    Had great fun at Les Yper, but then again, I knew it would be ace!

    Thanks to everyone involved.

    Here's the song list:

    (Ville DJ-ing)

    Ring Snuten! - Mellanstadiediskot
    Nixon - Dance to a different tune
    Bart & Friends - How can you tell me you love me?
    Stars - When?
    The Bridal Shop - From seas
    Television Personalities - My dark places
    The Tidy Ups - Dizzy heights
    Dr Higgins - Alla har sina skäl

    (Äänijännite live)

    Slits - Typical girls
    Lily Allen - Not big
    Liechtenstein - Stalking skills
    Girls At Our Best - Politics
    Scaredycat - Anna banana
    Don Lennon - A secret band
    Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
    The Field Mice - This love is not wrong
    Days - Never came to last
    The Cat's Miaow - Third floor fire escape view

    (Most Valuable Players live, followed by me and Hanna DJ-ing, wish she'd written down her songs!)

    The Shamen - L.S.I.
    Baxendale - Battery acid
    Teen Anthems - We're indie shit
    The Moldy Peaches - Downloading porn with Davo
    Twa Toots - Please don't play "A rainy night in Georgia"
    Eggstone - Taramasalata
    The Stone Roses - Made of stone
    Desireless - Voyage, voyage

    (Niko DJ-ing)

    Park Hotell - Low on resistance
    The Embassy - It pays to belong
    The Field Mice - Emma's house