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  • torsdag, oktober 04, 2007

    Dance to the radio! + song list from Sunday

    Listen to the Kalle out of Elenette interview and four snippets aired on Monday's P3 Pop (at least three of those songs will be on the EP records released on Cosy Recordings soon!) here! The Elenette bit starts after around 45 minutes. The whole program is rather enjoyable, with a big feature about Stranded, the Swedish record label often compared to Factory.

    Tomorrow, After-School Sports play live at Taramasalata! See you there!


    Here's my song list from Sunday's Söndagscafé! Thanks to Roozbeh and the others, was a lovely evening!

    The Stone Roses - Ten storey love song (view video!)
    Patrik Fitzgerald - Safety pin stuck in my heart
    The Bright Lights - You have amazing powers
    Kevin Rowland - Daydream believer
    Tant Strul - Dunkar varmt
    Girls At Our Best! - Politics
    Television Personalities - Eminem song
    McCarthy - I worked myself up from nothing
    The Chills - Heavenly pop hit (view video!)
    Another Sunny Day - You should all be murdered (view video!)
    The Stone Roses - Made of stone (view video!)
    Oasis - Rockin' chair
    The Bluetones - Slight return (view video!)
    Ride - Vapor trail (view video!)
    The Smiths - The hand that rocks the cradle
    Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Tutande bilar och sunkiga hak
    Addo 602 - Insikten om folkciderns alkoholhalt
    Elenette - Öppet brev till försvarsmakten (download!)
    Klaus Nomi - Just one look*
    Nixon - Dance to a different tune
    The Field Mice - I can see myself alone forever
    Lustans Lakejer - Ögonblickets spänning
    Momus - A complete history of sexual jealousy (parts 17-24)
    The Sea Urchins - Sullen eyes
    Blueboy - Meet Johnny Rave
    James Dean Driving Experience - World weary & wise
    Johan Hedberg - Kickar grus
    Les Calamités - Je suis un calamité
    The Siddeleys - What went wrong this time?
    Park Hotell - The guest who stayed forever**
    Snowbirds - Afterglow
    Ballboy - I hate Scotland
    The Umpteens - Party in September
    Bart & Friends - How can you tell me you love me?
    Camera Obscura - Suspended from class
    Girlfrendo - I would kill for some weirdness
    Bonnie "Price" Billy - Just to see you smile
    Happydeadmen - Not the only sucker in town
    Butcher Boy - Girls make me sick
    Cats on Fire - The cold hands of great men
    The Lemonheads - Big gay heart (view video!)
    Mattias Alkberg BD - Politix (acoustic demo)
    Manic Street Preachers - Love's sweet exile (view video!)
    Morrissey - Mute witness
    The Divine Comedy - Middle-class heroes
    Edwyn Collins - If you could love me
    The French - The Wu-Tang Clan
    Gunnar Winald - Följ med mig hem

    * Not the best mix in the world, haha. Mixing has never been my thing! But actually, the numbers on the mix cd cover were wrong.
    ** Same here. Was supposed to be Narks - Respektera sig själv. But I didn't mind all that much.