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  • torsdag, september 27, 2007

    Twig joins Paddington DC on the 29th of October!

    The second confirmed artist for the night at Landet on Monday the 29th of October is TWIG!
    You can listen to four fantastic songs on the myspace page.
    And you should also do what I just did - order their 3" single from Cloudberry!
    Twig makes pop songs that sounds like nothing I've heard before, they've put together the dark side of Soft Cell, the grace of Divine Comedy and Morrissey's sense of humour and made something quite unique of it. Krister's description below is quite accurate too, I guess.
    The debut album will be out on Plastilina early next year!

    "...described as a cross between The Wake and Orange Juice. And I have to say that is the most well-founded description of that kind I have heard!"

    / Krister, The Rain Fell Down/Don't Die on My Doorstep

    Talk About the Past on Twig

    Download Helen of Troy from the "Life in a Swedish town" single!