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  • onsdag, september 26, 2007

    Elenette interviewed on P3 Pop! + various news bits

    P3 Pop has once again interviewed an artist released on Cosy Recordings! This time it's Kalle Berglund, the crooner from Elenette, who talks about the Swedish 80's wave of, er, new wave! We can expect a lot of music from the likes of Reeperbahn, Lustans Lakejer and Ratata. I'm really looking forward to hearing this, and so are you. Listen this Monday - 10 PM once again!

    I could also tell you a bit about what's happening with the label at the moment.

    * "A short melodrama" by After-School Sports and Johan Hedberg's self-titled debut EP has now sold over 100 copies each. Be sure to get one of each for yourself! One day, they will all be gone. Distribution isn't sketchy as Swedesplease said, it's right here!

    * Johan Hedberg will, despite the stalking skills of the larger labels, stay at Cosy Recordings for another release! This record can be expected sometime in the winter, or in the spring. Johan is now back from the Brazil tour with SKWBN (hurry up and become huge for real lads, so you can bring me along for the tambourine next time!), working on a number of songs... and trust me, they're all brilliant and the second collection of songs might be even better than the first one!

    * Elenette will release no less than TWO EP's on Cosy Recordings! The band is set to record in October, and we probably have a release party to look forward to sometime in November! The first EP will probably consist of five or six songs, same with the second one (that one's got a theme about men!).

    * Someone also told me that Cosy Recordings is mentioned with kind words in the latest issue of Swedish music magazine Sonic. I'll have to check that out. It was out of stock at 7-Eleven Järntorget this Saturday, but today I'm going to Borås hoping to see Hammarby grab their first points in the fourth game of the season. And the central station is usually good for magazines.

    And, well, let's not forget that Cosy Den is also a club night!
    The release party for Days is now just weeks away - keep your eyes and ears open!
    And for the next night at Landet in Stockholm on the 29th of October, a second act will probably be confirmed here tomorrow!


    Blogger Emanuel said...

    wowzah! nu är det spänd väntan här säger jag bara. i övrigt hoppas jag att "kicka grus" är med på nästa hedberg-släpp, det vore lycka!

    9/26/2007 09:19:00 em  
    Blogger Jerry Boman said...

    Åh hela GBG väntar på nästa Cosy Den arr! Alltså, har du sprungit tillbaka till Stockholm eller vad är det frågan om?!?! Vi saknar spelningar i nattlampans sken med spruckna högtalare!

    9/27/2007 09:05:00 fm  
    Blogger Mattias said...

    emanuel: Den är med all säkerhet med! SÅ JÄVLA BRA LÅT.

    jerry: Aw, vad ska man säga? Den här stan är kuken när det gäller lokaler. Antingen tvingas man samsas med typ X-Team eller så är det amatörernas afton. Får hoppas det blir bättre.

    9/28/2007 06:36:00 fm  

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