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  • Cosy Recordings (Karin + Mattias) dj set and records for sale at KLUBB POPULÄR! Live: Elenette + Palpitation at Storan, Kungsparken 1, Gothenburg - Saturday the 17th of May, 22-03, X0 kr and 20 yrs
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  • måndag, oktober 23, 2006

    Videos from the latest Cosy Den night! + Review of The Honeydrips and Go-Kart Mozart

    Thanks to Säffle-Johan, we can now enjoy a couple of live videos from the brilliant concerts at Cosy Den on Thursday the 12th of October!

    Ring Snuten! - Ta det lugnt

    The Honeydrips - Åh, Karolin

    Go-Kart Mozart - At the DDU

    Go-Kart Mozart - Summer is here

    And for those of you who read Swedish, there's a review of the concerts from Revolver. You'll find it here!